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Cardiovascular Risk Calculators
Consumer Health Information


Glossaries & Basic Information

Blood Pressure Categories
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Heart Attack

Heart Basics


Heart Disease



Psychosocial Issues

Risk Factors

Medical Information



Public Health Information

Research Information

Statistical Information

WHO -The Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke

Benchmarking Heart Disease and Cancer Deaths
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Cardiovascular Mortality Trends

CVD Trends
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heart Stroke Infographics
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Working together to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes. 1 of every 3 deaths is caused by heart disease and stroke. Health care costs for heart attack and stroke: $312.6 billion. Leading cause of preventable death in people 40–65 years of age. 2 million plus heart attacks and strokes each year. To prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes, health care professionals and public health workers should do what we know works: Focus on the ABCS: Aspirin when appropriate; Blood pressure control; Cholesterol management; Smoking cessation. Use health IT: Use electronic health records and other health IT to identify patients who need support to improve their ABCS and then track their progress over time. Use team-based care: Use clinical innovations, including: Use everyone who interacts with patients to the top of their skills and license; Self-measured blood pressure monitoring with clinical support; Reward and recognize excellence in the ABCS. By doing what we know works, health care professionals, health care systems, and public health organizations can help prevent 1,000,000 heart attacks and strokes and meet these goals by 2017: 47 percent to 70 percent increase in aspirin use for secondary prevention; 46 percent to 70 percent increase in blood pressure control; 33 percent to 70 percent increase in cholesterol management; 23 percent to 70 percent increase in help for those who want to quit smoking; 20 percent reduction in sodium consumption; 50 percent reduction in trans-fat consumption. For more information on effectiveness of team-based care, visit:,, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


General Information

Behavior & Heart Disease

Genes, Lifestyle and Coronary disease
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Calcification scores
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Demographics & Heart Disease

Heart disease death rates* among black and white adults aged ≥35 years — United States, 1968 and 2015

Black and white heart disease deaths
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Black-white heart disease mortality ratios* among adults aged ≥35 years — United States, 1968 and 2015

Black and White Mortality Ratio
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Job and Heart Disease
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Alcohol & Heart Disease

Diabetes & Heart Disease

Drugs & Heart Disease

NSAIDS and CVD risk
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NSAIDS and cardiovascular risk
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Environment & Heart Disease

Genomics & Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure guidelines comparison
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Lower BP without meds
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New BP guidelines
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High blood pressure

Lipids/Cholesterol - General

Lipid Guidelines
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Lipid Guidelines
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Lipid Guidelines
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2017 Cholesterol Guidelines
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General Information

TIME Explains: The New Cholesterol Guidelines

Cholesterol Treatment

Cholesterol, Stanols & Sterols

Lipids/Cholesterol - The bad one - LDL

Lipids/Triglycerides (Another bad one)

Environmental Factors

Mental Health




Men & Heart Disease

Women & Heart Disease

Cardiovascular Disease - Specific Diseases

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