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January, 2014 - Hi, Welcome to the Temperament Page that introduces you to Keirsey's 4 temperament model (and others). I decided to devote a page as a supplement to my Job Index of career and job hunting pages. Knowing oneself is an important factor in finding a fulfilling job. So, between this page and the MBTI page you can start to explore who you really are. Well, at least how theorists approach the subject. It's a useful way to research and investigate the world of "Personality & Temperament", so you can get the job of your dreams, although a great resume helps, too.

This is the sister page to the Personality Page, which provides an extensive coverage of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Although Keirsey's 4-Temperament Model is useful in and of itself, it also serves as the foundation for the MBTI. This Model, I think, is a lot easier to get to know than the MBTI's 16 personality types. There's basically 4 categories and these temperaments have been covered extensively on the Net. I picked out the 4 best Web sites.

If you find a particular rendition you like, just read through that rendition's four temperament descriptions. For example, the idealist, rational, guardian and artisan portraits is a set of renditions developed by AdvisorTeam.Com. At the end of this page you will find some fun links to personality tests. Enjoy!

Keirsey's Four Temperaments

The Assessment Tools

The 4 Temperaments

Keirsey's Four Temperaments - Musings

Keirsey Temperament Model - Intuitive Feeler

Keirsey Temperament Model - Intuitive Thinker

Keirsey Temperament Model - Sensing Judger

Keirsey Temperament Model - Sensing Perceiver (SP)

Temperament & Personality

  • Personality types - mutual perceptions matrix
  • Personality Types, Theories, and Tests

  • Temperament & Personality Models

    Computer Personality (?)

    Computer and personality
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    Big Five Personality Domains

    DiSC System (Super Creativity Model!)

    Enneagram Type Indicator

    Four Tendencies