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May 28, 2004 - It has come to this - a blog page... Blog is short for Web Log. Now that the Internet has become an almost indispensable part of our lives, many have started using it to keep an online journal of sorts. I started adding "Newsworthy Stuff" tidbits back near towards the end of 2000 on my What's New Page. I thought these tidbits would be more useful if they were compiled on one page. Therefore, all these tidbits will be compiled on this page after they've had their Net time on the most recent What's New Page, with the most recent entries at the beginning (so you don't have to scroll so much). Added links along the way will continue to be compiled on annual "What Was New" pages that you can access by clicking on year graphic. Thanks. Betty

Suggested Citation: Jung, B.C. (2000 - 2019). Betty C. Jung's 2000 - 2003 Public Health Blog.
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  • December 31 - It's always nice to see new resources for public health practitioners available online. Four new sources you should check out are on my Public Health Practice Page - a community toolbox from The Center for Participatory Change, public health infrastructure resource pages from the Public Health Foundation, National Service Resource Center and on my Healthcare Quality Standards Page - AHRQ's new QualityTools Web pages, which contain 2 new reports: National Healthcare Quality Report and National Healthcare Disparities Report. These reports show promise for standardizing the way we look at quality of care that would allow for consistent improvement in these services over time.
  • December 21 - Wishing all a blessing holiday season with the promise of peace from God in the gift of His Son, this world can use it.... Check out my latest addition Greetings Page. Instead of sending an E-card, I decided to create a page for all the people I keep in touch with over the Net.
    When you have time, check out the new addition to the Medical Search Engines and Search Engines Pages - a super search engine AllRefer.Com. Pretty comprehensive for finding almost anything on the Net... I have also placed a link to this site on my Consumer Health Page.
  • December 12 - I'm starting the new year early. Can't wait for 2003 to be over - too eventful for the wrong reasons... Anyway, a new page was been created for the last quarter's What's New Page (which I use for blogging), and I have tried to reorganize my Site Map pages. What I did was split up Site Map 4 to include the cool and useful site pages, health information pages and job search pages, and moved all the Web documents, resumes and visitor pages to the new Site Map 5 Page. You can still access all the the site maps from any of the 6 pages, and from these pages you can get to anything on this Web site. Of course, you can always do a search on the Site Search Engine, which is available on all the Main Pages that serve as tables of content for related topical pages. Approximately 200-250 searches are done monthly.
  • December 2 - The new Web stats are up!!!
  • November 11 - Added some 60 links across many pages. Have fun visiting. What would you do if there wasn't this page?????
  • November 5 - October's poll and web stats are up!!! I am pleased to report that ConsumerWebWatch.Org has deemed this Web site as Praise Worthy! They have taken out full page ads to publicize all the Web sites that are working hard to improving Web site credibility in the November 4, 2003 Wall Street Journal (B3) and the November 5, 2003 New York Times (C3). Thank you, Consumer Web Watch for this super honor!!!!
  • November 1 - I am totally amazed about the 23,612 hits the Web site garnered during the month of October. This is over 2700 more hits than September, and the highest total ever over 4 years. Must be school.... Thanks for visiting, and keep coming back, there's always something new on the site.
  • October 20 - To accommodate all my students' research projects, I have revamped the entire Wellness Web site. I have expanded the 4 pages into 10 pages. You can get to all of them from either the Consumer Health Index Page or the Wellness Index Page And, you can get to them in the New Pages section below.
  • October 15 - Public Health E-News #38 went out, on time to all subscribers. If you haven't subscribed, what are you waiting for??? ;).
  • October 11 - Stay current with what's going on with Public Health Practice with free Internet-based training from North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness. I have links to all the topics on the my Public Health Continuing Education Page.
  • October 3 - All the Web stats are up. There is a definite shift in page popularity. Seems like the more scientifically-minded have found a place to visit. Most likely, job seekers are getting what they need by subscribing to Public Health Jobs E-list, now 567 strong....
  • September 22 - Ever wonder how this Web site ranks with everything else on the Web? Well, Alexa.Com can provide you this info in real-time, plus, you can check out all the Web sites linked to this one. At this point, it doesn't matter if there are over a half a million Web sites ranked higher than this Web site. At least it's ranked. Absolutely too cool for words....

    You will also find this on the Home Page, Main Site Map Page, FAQ Page, Web site Search Engines Page
  • September 19 - Trying to catch up on adding links. I added some 50 today on various pages. See below where you can find them. Most are fun and useful stuff.
  • FYI - How the Electronic Mailing Lists Are Doing...

    WhatTotal Subscribers, as of November 15, 2003
    Public Health E-news
    Public Health Jobs
    Recommended by University of Michigan's SPH Career Services

  • September 7 - I have revamped the Consumer Health Pages on the Web site. I have expanded the sections on healthcare and nutrition. Now each have its own page. There is now a Healthcare Page which deals with healthcare issues, like finding a doctor, medication information, health insurance, etc. The second page is a Nutrition Page which includes links to dietary and food resources. I have added a navigation icon on all the pages related to health information (35 pages) so you will be able to get to the Consumer Health Info Index Page. From there you will be able to get to any of these pages. The navigation icon looks like this:

    Consumer Health Info Index

  • September 5 - Actually finished the forever & a day monthly stats, which are up. While always an arduous AND tedious task, I still find the opportunity to share statistics to be a joyous event, when there are numerous visitors to the stat pages. Hope you agree.
  • August 25 - Incredibly, this Web site is 4 years old today. I never thought I would see this day, to have survived this long on the Internet. It has been quite a challenge to learn how to create and maintain a Web site along the way, and offer something that is useful to what I hope to be many, many people who come to visit looking for information. I have taken advantage of many services that were offered for free that no longer exist, or do, but for a price I didn't think was worth paying for. At the same time, the price for maintaining a Web presence has dropped (thank God), that even I could afford my own domain name! I will continue to maintain this Web site on an avocational basis. It has forced me to stay informed, which is good, and has turned into a somewhat consuming hobby that I am never bored. Appreciate your comments and suggestions.
  • August 22 - 2003-2004 PHENOM Directory is up. Contact any of the 28 public health professionals who have volunteered to provide online mentoring. Check out all the people who have ever been a mentor on the Cumulative Mentor Web Page
  • August 19 - Okay, I have done enough dead link cleaning for now. I had to remove a total of 590 dead links. I am sure there will be more. All the links to National Guideline Clearinghouse had to be removed because it seems links resulting from online searches fail to work after awhile. I had to remove many job search links. I guess they didn't have enough business, although we all know times are tough and many people are out of jobs. Still, the Net is the best way to search for jobs - take my word, I know...
  • August 13 - Plugging away cleaning off dead links. I have already cleaned off 400 and still not done yet. Since I did this several months ago it seems that the dieoffs have accelerated, possibly because the bad economy is beginning to hit the government and nonprofit sectors. I have had to remove many grant sources, nonprofit organization links, as well as government pages. Of course, there's the usual reorganization of government sites, which can be quite a nightmare. However, from all this I found a true gem - Phpartners.Org - "A collaboration of U.S. government agencies, public health organizations and health sciences libraries." I have added links to most of their pages, which include links for such topics as grants and funding, health education/health promotion, etc. Check below for relevant pages.
  • August 9 - I have updated the visitor stats for the Brief Intro to Epi Lecture Series. I have also identified the institutions from which these lectures were accessed and decided to share this interesting info with you. Since compiling this set of statistics is extremely tedious (I have to count the links manually) I am not going to be doing these like on a monthly basis, only when I have some time. Also, I have developed a PHENOM Program Statistics Page that was suggested by participating mentors. Hope you find this information interesting. I will add more stats when I get around to figuring out which would be the most useful to share. Let me know what you think.
  • August 8 - TheCounter.Com and Faststats are no longer providing free counting services (should this come as any surprise?). These were the services I used initially. Fortunately, I had Faststats only on some bibliography pages. It will take me some time to take off all the javascript for these. They must be on over 150 Web pages. So if you see a little counter icon with a little moving line graph, it's just there for show.
    While cleaning out my e-mails (and I don't do this frequently enough), I took the opportunity to add some 45 links to the Web site. Most of these are on the Useful Page, Web resources, Kids, Free software and Cool Web pages. Of course, this is before I start to do my deadlink cleanup....
  • August 5 - Hi, the monthly statistics are up on the Web site Stats Page, the Web Poll Stats Page, the Site Maps and the Public Health Jobs E-list Info and Subscriber Information Page. This little monthly exercise is taking longer and longer. It takes over 8 hours to compile, analyze and post results. But when I'm done I'm glad I did it. Hope you are, too, IF this is your thing. What's most amazing is that by the end of this month, this Web site will be 4 years old!!! By Net Years (like dog years), this site is pretty old. It has outlasted many of the free services that I used over the years - check the casualties on my FAQ Page.

  • And, now - something extra for the Statheads...
    What was most interesting was getting "blogged." As a result of being mentioned in a somewhat questionable light (the blogger detested the scrolling title bar) in someone's Web log, the Graphing Page received 96 hits on 7/20, and 125 hits on 7/21, for a total of 1,262 hits for the month.
    Also, updating the Statistical Programs Page with 60+ SPSS links, and letting an SPSS listserv know about it rang up 130 hits on July 30, and 65 on July 31, for a total of 878 hits for July. I was surprised to see the Web page got posted on a University of Kiev forum site, which was a nice bonus. The World Wide Web is, indeed, a web of communication!
  • July 27 - I am starting to reorganize and expand the Women's Health Pages . There are now 7 pages devoted to Women's health issues. Of course, it's going to take me a little time to update and add stuff, so be patient. Nevertheless, I have updated the navigation bars so you will still be able to get around to all the pages, as well as from the Women's Health main page, and the Site Map.
    What I am basically doing is create separate pages for life cycle and health issues. And, now breast cancer, cervical cancer and heart diseases will each have its own page. There is simply just too much information these days for these topics, so having separate pages will allow me to expand the number of links I can include for each of these topics. Love to hear from visitors what they think.
  • July 26 - I have vastly expanded the SPSS section on the Statistical Programs Page. There are now a total of 61 links to SPSS procedures, syntax and tutorials in place of the 13 I orginally had. It took me some hours perusing some 300 links, and these were the best, or what I think to be the most useful. I decided to do this because the SPSS listserv is beginning to clog up my E-mail big time. I have also suggested listers to check out my Annotated Bibliographies because many questions people had have to do with research methods.
  • July 17 - I have reorganized the Epidemiology Index and the related pages. You should be able to get around to all these pages with the topical navigation bar PLUS get to all the biostatistics and related pages as well. This includes the new Public Health Software Page.
  • July 15 - Public Health E-News #35 goes out to 241 subscribers. Thanks for your interest!
  • July 13 - I have added 2 Web pages to the Biostatistics/Statistics Pages. Now a group of 6 pages, with the additions of the Software Download Page and the newly created Public Health Statistical & Mapping Software Page, which will also consolidate the Epi Info, Epi Data and epidemiology links off the biostats/stats pages. There are many great free software programs developed by a number of government and nonprofit agencies that you can use, once you take some time to learn them...
  • July 9 - June Stats are up. Very interesting for the month of June. Also, up, once a year - Public Health Alumni Chapter Stats Page has been updated.
  • July 5 - Thanks for all the visits. There were over 21,000 hits during June. I have improved the navigation among the public health data pages by adding an additional topical navigation bar. You will be able to get around all 5 pages with ease. Check out it on the Public Health Data Index Page. Web site poll stats have been updated. It is getting interesting. Working on the Web site stats as well. Hope to have these up soon. Looks interesting, page popularity is changing as "Popularity" tends to....

    FYI - How the Electronic Mailing Lists Are Doing...

    WhatTotal Subscribers, as of July 26, 2003
    Public Health E-news
    Public Health Jobs
    Recommended by University of Michigan's SPH Career Services
  • June 8 - May statistics are up on all the Site Map Pages and the Web Statistics Page. I decided to track how long it took for me to generate these monthly stats - 8 hours. What's most interesting are the number of hits the Visit Pages get. This is truly amazing, which goes to show there is a "statistician" in everyone of us trying to count the number of ways to express itself....
  • June 1 - It's finally happened, the number of hits to the Web site has gone over 20K for the month of May!! Thanks so much.
    I have added back the temperament poll. Cast your vote either on the Personality or Temperament Page.
    I have added back the Women's Age Poll onto all the Women's Health Pages. This would really help me as this is really a big area in which new developments are reported all the time.
    I have added a new, new poll on all the Healthcare Quality Pages. Results to this poll should be very interesting. Rather than ask who should set the standards for quality, I am now asking - who contributes the most to healthcare quality? Cast your vote as to who should really get the credit for ensuring healthcare quality....
    Meanwhile, check out the latest Web Poll Stats as of today.
  • May 26 - In keeping what will probably be a gigantic movie season - I have vastly expanded the Movies Page's Statistics Section. Now you can track the success of your favorite movie(s).
  • May 23 - This is the time I recruit for the coming academic year's mentors. If you are involved with Public Health, then consider volunteering!!! You will be listed on the PHENOM Directory so those want to find out more about Public Health can. Check out the PHENOM Program Description. If you have any questions, E-mail me!
  • May 20 - I have cleaned off 198 broken links off the Web site. Apparently many nonprofits have ceased to exist, and other Web sites are reorganizing their links....
  • May 18 - The Healthcare Quality Page has been entirely redone. The last time I looked at it in its entirety I realized that it became too hugh and confusing from the continual addition of numerous links. Despite this, the page is a popular one. So over this past weekend I spent 6 hours revamping the page. It is now 4 pages - an index page with 3 pages containing related topics. I hope you find this much better (I did).
  • May 16 - Public Health E-News #33 has gone out on the 15th to 229 subscribers!!!
  • May 13 - The Page has become so popular that I have decided to add a special link to it from the Home Page.
  • May 12 - I have finally finished the today! Within the past month I completed the last five lectures of this series. They are currently being prepared to go online. There are 13, of which 11 are currently online. I have created a Web page from which you can get to all of the lectures, and the Supercourse site. And, to make it interesting, I have recorded the number of referrals the Web site has received from these lectures. These numbers are just an estimate of the number of visitors who read the lecture and clicked on a link to the Web site. It probably also tells you which topics are favorites with those who are interested in the field.
  • May 3 - Recently the CDC has developed a number of pages devoted to identifying the public health needs of minority populations. In response to the influx of all this information, I have re-organized my minority health links on my Minority Health Public Health Links to reflect the various minority groups. This is preceded by a general minority health links. Hope this makes it easier to find what you are looking for.
    And, I have also revamped the Infectious Disease Section. There are still the separate subsections for all the hot infectious diseases of today (I wish there weren't so many). Under each of these subsections I have renamed all the links by identifying the sources first. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find the information. I always try to include only sources that I consider credible. In this instance, the CDC stands above the rest. However, NIH's MedlinePlus is an excellent source of information on a variety of topics...
  • May 2 - Happy May!!! Almost 20,000 hits in April - how wonderful! Thanks for visiting. While you are here, why not participate in 4 new polls? Well, I restarted them with a different service because the other sponsor went out of business. Many thanks to Peter365.Com for being so generous in providing these polls. Two can be found on the Job Index Page and two can be found on the Careers Page. I can't put too many polls on one page. And, really, who are you???
  • April 25 - This month's Public Health Newsletter has gone out on the 15th. With the ongoing SARS epidemic, I am afraid that we have a major public health problem brewing in the works. My main concern is the whole resurgence of infectious diseases which we have supposedly conquered. This worries me a lot because I view "Infectious Disease" as a "sentinel event" - a proxy sign of more complex problems. The Public Health Infrastructure needs to address this in a more concerted effort now that should go beyond just monitoring and containment. I will try to keep you informed and post news in this area in a timely manner on my Public Health Site - Infectious Disease Page. Welcome your comments.
  • April 13 - I have cleaned out some 300+ dead links over the past couple of weeks. I have taken additional steps and identified those that get redirected to a not-found page and deleted those as well. Hopefully this will make a difference. All links were alive when I put them on my pages. Unfortunately, Web sites die out and other sites like to redesign, etc.
    I have also removed all the polls that no longer work. I am still debating about whether to add back the polls as they were interesting and I found the data useful. We'll see. Let me know what you think.
  • April 5 - First quarter Web stats are up. During the past week I have discovered that most of the polls on this Web site no longer work because the sponsor, Mypoll.Net has probably gone belly up. I have tried to contact them, but have received no response. Unfortunately, I was not forewarned of this so all the stats for these polls have probably been permanently lost. I will most likely not replace these, and will need to remove the codes from the pages in the coming weeks. However, the movie polls and the polls NOT sponsored by this company continue to tabulate your votes. You can check the stats on the Pollstats Page.

  • I have also re-ran Xenu to check for dead links on 3/31/03. Much better this time around. The Web site is 95.8% functional. There are some 120 dead links that I will need to be removed, but that's not bad when there are now 6,995 links on this Web site.
  • March 15 - Oscar time is just around the corner so I took this opportunity to revamp the Page . I believe if you love movies as much as I do, you will not be disappointed with what I have done. I have added many categories and reorganized all the links so you can get to what you want fast! The section I am most pleased with is the Bloopers. Here is a collection of the best blooper sites that the Net has to offer, all in one place!!! I have added two polls to the Web site about movies. Do participate. I am curious as to what the monthly tallies will be. Enjoy, and let me know what you think...
    March 15 - Hello, I decided to start early to prepare for the next quarter. You can always get to all the previous "What's New Pages" from the navigation bar below. Thanks for your interest!

    FYI - How the Electronic Mailing Lists Are Doing...

    WhatTotal Subscribers, as of April 25, 2003
    Public Health E-news
    Public Health Jobs
    Recommended by University of Michigan's SPH Career Services
  • March 14 - Just for fun I have added another poll to the Web site. It's about movies (of course). Cast your vote at Movies Page. Thanks.
  • Movies Page. I believe if you love movies as much as I do, you will not be disappointed with what I have done. I have added many categories and reorganized all the links so you can get to what you want fast! The section I am most pleased with is the Bloopers. Here is a collection of the best blooper sites that the Net has to offer, all in one place!!! Enjoy, and let me know what you think...
  • March 12 - Unfortunately, I have removed the message boards from my Public Health Jobs pages and the Public Health Resume page. The sponsor for these message boards require that these boards be actively used in order for them to maintain them. Since public health job postings are available from the Public Health Jobs Newsletter, please consider subscribing. Sorry about these changes, but that's the way it goes with free (sponsored) services.
  • March 11 - March Web site Stats are up, and all Web page counts on the site maps have been updated. I have also finally finished cleaning out all the dead links identified by Xenu. The original count of 485 "not found" ended up being like 934 "not found" of which some I found on my own. Many were multiple references to the same problem, and many of these problems had to do with referencing a wrong graphic (with the wrong case), rather than a Web page, so a lot of it has to do with definitions. Therefore, I am not really sure if they are dead links as much as they are wrong links that still work, but regardless I have done my best to clean out all the ones that have been identified. I will run the program again soon and see how it turns out. For sure, it should be better, although I am sure it will identify a slew of new "dead links" for me to clean out. Never-ending maintenance, that's what Net life is all about.
  • March 4 - A brief observation - I am concerned that Public Health is losing the war because it's losing too many battles... The eradication of many infectious diseases at the beginning of the 20th century can be attributed to the efforts of public health. But within the last decade, infectious diseases (bioterrorism, etc.) have once again become the focus of public health efforts. Now another drug-resistant infection (MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is running rampant. Perhaps, it's time to raise our vigilance level a bit...
  • February 20 - Trivia from the "It Aint So Trivial Department"... Ever wonder how many links there are on this Web site??? Well, I finally found out. Thanks to (Xenu Link Sleuth), there are 7,412 URLs (links) (as of today), of which 89.1% are functional. That's pretty good. In plain English - out of 100 links you may click on this Web site, you may come across 11 that do not work. Of course, I seriously doubt that the average visitor will be spending that much time on this Web site, clicking on some 100+ links. Of course, if you do, let me know - this may be a new area/dimension/neurosis I can track....
    I am sure the next question is - well, how many are dead links? It depends. To be exact, there are 485 "Not found" links. There are other weird stuff like "timeouts" and "skip types" which mean they may be functional, but not when tested, and other categories of Net-talk I am not privy to at this point. Maybe a dedicated Webhead can explain these to me sometime.
    Anyway, the good news is - these 485 comprise ONLY 6.54% of the Web site's 7000+ links. That's pretty good since this is the first time I was able to actually evaluate this aspect of the Web site. Now that they have been identified in a 296-page report, I will be pretty busy in the coming months (vs. weeks) cleaning out these links (as I add new ones that I come across). Basically, I am just going to delete them. I think there are more than enough links for anything you want to find. Remember my Mission for this Web site? And, I will be making some cosmetic (not drastic/plastic) changes while I clean the Web pages. You are, of course, welcome to play dead link detective since the Web will continue to change/evolve/what-have-you, and webmasters will continue to reorganize/revamp/revise their realms.
    P.S. Just to give you an idea of how long this is going to take - I was able to address 65 links in 1 1/2 hours. (And, there are how many????)
  • February 19 - I think I caught them all, but if you find any let me know - HCFA has finally transferred its Web site over to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This was some task. I deleted all links that no longer had comparable links and updated the addresses for those that were comparable on a number of pages. Thanks to Tim Champney for bringing this to my attention. Let's hope that the AHRQ or the CDC don't do something like this....
  • February 18 - Any snow down your ways? The U.S. Eastern coast was slammed with a major snow storm. The worst was probably Maryland/Virginia areas, getting some 50 inches!! Public Health E-News #30 went out on the 15th. I still have a supply of the Supercourse CDs that you can get for free. This CD contains all the Supercourse lectures available on the University of Pittsburgh's Supercourse site, plus a copy of Epi Info (Windows and DOS versions), Epi Maps and Epi Data. E-mail Me if you are interested in obtaining a copy.
    A great free service is "Printable Calendars" on my Useful Page. Get a Word-formatted calendar e-mailed to you.
  • February 13 - Web statistics for this month are finally up. It is so incredible to me that there were close to 20K hits for January!! Thanks for visiting.
  • January 31 - Well, I have finally gotten around to publishing the Kudos Page. This page includes all the nice comments people have sent in about the Web site, and the newsletters. I always like getting nice comments (who doesn't?). Rather than keep them to myself, I am sharing them with you, the visitor. This is also another way of getting feedback about what really works on the Net. I have tried all kinds of ways to get feedback because I would really like to offer something useful with the Web site. So, comments are a "qualitative way" of gauging people's perceptions. If you send in nice comments about the benefits of visiting the Web site (i.e., what you found useful, helpful, what you couldn't find anywhere else, etc.), or from subscribing to the newsletters (i.e., expanded your understanding of something, got a job or a lead to a job, etc.), I will add your comments.... Thanks for your interest!
  • January 15 - Public Health E-News #29 goes out.
  • January 12 - All Web site stats for the month of December and 2002 are up. I am pleased to announce that the Public Health Jobs Electronic Newsletter is now recommended by University of Michigan's SPH Career Services. This is really nice because it means the service is seen as valuable by the academic community as a career resource for future public health practitioners!
  • January 11 - I have revamped the Storage Pages (AKA Packrat Paradise) for this Web site. This series of 5 pages is devoted to storing all the Web site statistics since 1999, plus, other documentation info - for those who really want to know. Being somewhat of a statistician I enjoy tracking and trending stuff, so that was why I created and maintained a Web site Statistics Page. But, it has become somewhat of interest to many visitors, so I figure I might well just keep an ongoing record, which you can easily access from the Storage Index Page, or any of the pages, for that matter, by using the Yellow navigation bar on all these pages. Have fun, and let me know what you think!
  • January 1 - Happy New Year! Welcome! I am hoping to have more time this year to devote to this Web site, not that I have neglected it, but with a reprieve from teaching I can do some maintenance. After 3 months I have finally completed putting counters on all my pages that visitors can view. What a task!!! I am now going through and updating all the pages for the copyright notice.
    I started archiving the poll statistics from the previous two years. Check out the current Poll Stats and add your votes to over 2000 votes that have already been cast in a dozen different polls. Participate and watch your vote get tabulated. And, if you think this is a cool Web site, then click on the Diamond Award icon! Thanks again for visiting!

  • December 20/2002 - Hello, I decided to start early to prepare for next year. You can always get to all the previous "What's New Pages" from the navigation bar below. Thanks for your interest!
  • December 16 - Public Health E-News #28 has gone out to 176 subscribers! Each issue gets bigger and I am doing my best to keep it informative without being overwhelming. Let me know what you think! Happy holidays to all!
  • December 2 - November stats are up!! This is incredible, but I have decided to simplify this monthly task by using only the stats provided by Extreme Tracking. Before when I had Webtrendslive, I looked at those stats against the other counters, and none of them ever agreed. I have decided that they will never agree, as everyone does the stats differently. Therefore, to be consistent, I will use only one, as Extreme Tracking seems to be pretty reliable. Just accept the fact that no matter what the numbers, they will ALWAYS be undercounts - this is the only sure thing about these stats. Thanks.
  • November 20 - Get the latest Associated Press and Reuters coverage of the top stories, national, world and political news DAILY, compliments of Yahoo! Available now on my Home Page.
    I am pleased to announce that Southern CT State University's Office of Alumni Affairs has just published Careers in Public Health - What Do Public Health Professionals Do? This is a fact card I wrote to answer the many questions I get about what a Public Health career entails. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for visiting.
  • November 15 -17 - Public Health E-news #27 has gone out! Also, there is now an official government Web site totally devoted to Medicare! This information used to be scattered across other sites. I have added a Medicare section on my Consumer Health Information Page, and links from the Public Health Documents Page and the Healthcare Quality Page.
  • November 2 - November stats are up. I am so amazed that this Web site garnered almost 20,000 hits for October! Because of the new tracking service I am using, I will not able to report some categories. Thanks for visiting.
  • October 30 - Finally! Because the company sponsoring polls went defunct in August, I had to re-start all my polls. However, I managed to record the statistics up to August 2002. You can find these statistics on the Web site Poll Statistics Page. Now you will have something to compare the current results with. Amazingly, results for some polls have changed. I wonder why....
  • October 9 - September stats are up! What I will be reporting will probably change as I switched tracker services. I am simply amazed with the number of hits this Web site is garnishing! Always glad for your visits.
  • October 7 - My Women's Health Page has gotten too big, so I am splitting it into 3 pages. You should be able to get to the three pages from the original page. This will allow me to put more links on, plus some room to re-organize some of the sections. Plus, I have expanded Health Information on my Web site. I have consolidated all the health information into one section in my Site Map. Hope you like it.
  • October 2 - Coming.... Students in my undergraduate Wellness Class are beginning to present their research. This means I will be developing the Wellness Web site Pages in the coming weeks with what they have found with their Internet research project.
  • September 30 - Beginning 10/1 I will no longer have Webtrendslive.Com doing the tracking on this Web site. Too bad, just when the traffic is getting good. Extreme Tracking will be monitoring my Web site for traffic. Since I only had one month to evaluate the comparability of the two services, it looks like I will suffer more undercounting than I suspected. For one month, the difference is 2000= hits (less)!!! So, it will look like traffic is decreasing, but it's all a matter of counting (does this sound familiar to public health practitioners in surveillance???)
  • September 23 - This is the nicest surprise - My Public Health E-News electronic letter is recommended by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. This is the kind of acknowledgment that keeps me going... Thanks for visiting!
  • September 18 - While fixing Epiforums I decided to connect all the job-related pages with a unifying logo that looks like:

    I think it's such a cool graphic. I hope you like it!
  • September 18 - So another dotcom decides to go commercial. Swiftsolution.Com, sponsor of Epiforums is now charging like $365.00/Yr. There is now a new sponsor, Myforum.Net. So, is alive and well. I will be redoing the instructions. I have some preliminary how-tos up now. Sorry about that.
  • September 15 - Public Health E-News #25 sent out!
  • September 14 - I'm a little bit ahead of myself because I have a very busy schedule for this last quarter of the year. Thanks for visiting and for your interest.

    FYI - How the Electronic Mailing Lists Are Doing...

    WhatTotal Subscribers, as of November 15
    Public Health E-news 174
    Public Health Jobs 412
  • September 13 - The August stats are up!
  • September 7 - Incredibly I have finished recoding the entire Web site! This will allow me to provide monthly statistics, although I am not sure if I will be able to provide what I have been previously. But you will know the traffic this Web site gets (all you statheads out there...)
  • September 2 - For this month I will be replacing all tracking codes on this Web site. Webtrendslive will no longer offer its services for free, and I don't have $35.00 a month to spare... (and just when I thought everything was finally stablizing...)
  • August 17 - The Public Health Job Sites Page has been revamped. I couldn't add any more links, as the page size limit maxxed out. It has become an index page, and from here you will be able to get to the two pages with the job sites. Public Health Job Sites A - G include links to general, biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology and government public health jobs sites. Public Health Job Sites H - Z include Health policy, health program management, international health, research and university job sites. You can get around these 3 pages with navigational bars. This will allow me to add more links. I would have liked to have kept all the links on one page, but no can do. The Job Posting Board is available on all three of these pages. I have copied over all the jobs posted in August on the old message board.
  • August 15 - Hello, another edition of Public Health E-News makes it off my computer!
    Because is going out of business, I will be losing almost all my polls on August 19th. But have no fear, I have replaced all of them with new polls from The graphics are much nicer, and I have added on additional choices. Have fun with these new polls. And, do participate in the new Quality Poll, which I am sure will stir up some interesting results.
    And, I am also set to lose the Public Health Jobs Message Board as well. But have no fear, I have replaced this, too, with a's message board. As for the counters, well, I'll replace those when I can with Geocities.Com counters. Fortunately, there are still enough "free" services available to suit my needs. Let me know what you think about these new features/services. I would like this Web site to be your home in cyber-space (and, yes, you can always come back to this home!!!)
  • August 12 - A new poll - "Who should set the standards for quality." I can't wait to report these results. You will find this on the new Quality Index Page (no longer available, as of June, 2004) which includes links to all the Web pages that have anything to do with quality. Have fun! It may take me awhile, but I am planning to put this poll on all the Web pages that have anything to do with quality.
  • August 11 - I knew things were getting too quiet. Just when I thought everything was calming down, is going out of business. They used to host my Web site, but they cut that out and kept the other services going. Now they are calling it quits. What does that mean? Well, a lot of the page counters are provided by So, there will be pages with missing counters. AND, 8 of the 10 Web site polls were sponsored by them. Fortunately, I was able to find another free Web site polling service that looks pretty good. So-o-o all the Web site polls have been reset. I have saved the totals from the polls and will report those next month. I hope you find the polls interesting because I do, and the feedback helps!
  • August 10 - This month's Web site statistics are up. There was a total of 15,424 hits to this Web site last month, the highest ever! Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to cast your vote for the Diamond Web Awards!
  • August 1 - I have fixed up my Home Page, so I hope it looks better now. Coming soon - a Wellness Web site! This will be a class project for my students, so it will be fun. It should contain a lot of good links to personal health and related issues.
  • July 20 - I have re-organized the pages for documenting the Public Health E-News Table of Contents. There is also now a document page on how to cite Public Health E-News as a research source. There's currently 58 sources, and I am still working on this list. See the New Pages and Updated Pages Sections for links to these pages.
  • July 14 - July's PH E-News is out!! Also, I have noticed that there are growing numbers of visitors to pages listing who visited this Web site. I started these pages because I was fascinated by who actually came to visit. Of course, I have a couple of hundred I haven't gotten around to putting on these pages yet, which I will do when I get a chance. Meanwhile, I have revamped these pagss, and added some new ones to accommodate what will be a series of long lists... Links to these new pages, along with existing pages are noted in the section below - "Pages Continuously Updated." And, I also created a Visitor Index Page which lists all the pages (14 in all) of the listings for all the academic, government and non-profit agencies that have visited - both U.S. and international.
  • July 9 - This month's stats are up. Thanks so much for visiting! I have removed the streaming banner off the Home Page because not all computers are created equal. This should allow not-so-state-of-the-art computers to access the Home Page. I am always open to your suggestions, and I always appreciate the kinds words I occasionally get from visitors - makes this hobby all worthwhile.
  • July 1 - Welcome to a new quarter! Thanks for visiting. Last month's total hits to this Web site: 12,595!

    FYI - How the Electronic Mailing Lists Are Doing...

    WhatTotal Subscribers, as of August 1st
    Public Health E-news145
    Public Health Jobs 361

  • June 18 - Public Health E-News #22 went out on the 15th, and contents can be found at E-News Page There are now 144 subscribers!
    June 8, 2002 - Web stats for the month of May are up. Thanks for 13,107 hits!!
  • June 2 - The oldest poll on this Web site was "retired" (somehow). It has been replaced by a new "Who are you?" Poll (See above). Do participate! Thanks.
  • May 27 - Contents for E-News #21 that was sent out May 15th are posted. Thanks for your interest.
  • May 22 - This Web site is listed on Rollins' School of Public Health's Web site as a Public Health Info Link. The U.S. Federal Statistics Page has been included as a resource in NBI's Institute for Paralegal Education's "Internet Strategies for the Paralegal in West Virginia." The Public Health Jobs Page is listed as resource on the American Association of Public Health Physicians' Job Search Page, UMass Public Health Practice Jobs Page, and the California Conference of Local Health Department Nursing Directors' PHN Job Sites Page!
  • May 5 - April's total number of hits: 13,111. Thanks so much for surfing by! Also, the Poll Stats have been updated. Approximately 400-500 votes are cast monthly on the 10 polls on this Web site. I also fixed up the Home Page. Now you will know what number visitor you on, depending on when the counting started. You should know that all counts are underestimates.
  • April 30 - The SCSU MPH Alumni Record has been updated with news, etc. from MPH alumni who have completed this academic year's surveys. Thanks very much for your continual interest. Also, recruiting volunteers to be mentors and speakers for the coming academic year. Check out the specifics on the PH Chapter Service Page.
  • April 15 - PH E-news #20 makes it out on time. In case you are interested, here are the number of subscribers to my two electronic newsletters. Check out the Contents.
  • WhatTotal Subscribers, as of June 18th
    Public Health E-news 145
    Public Health Jobs 295
  • April 14 - Hello - I revamped the Annotated Bibliography Page - it should now be comprehensive. I expanded the Annotated Data Bibliography Page to now include books pertaining to specific software packages, like ACCESS, EPI INFO SAS, SPSS. Previously, I had these books on other pages (and they're still there). Now, they are all in one place. This is all in an effort to provide visitors to my Biostatistics/Statistics Sites Page and the Statistical Programs Page additional information.
  • April 12 - The Web site statistics are finally up for the month, and all the Site Maps are updated as well. Thanks for your interest.
  • April 1 - Welcome to a new quarter! Thanks for visiting. Last month's total hits to this Web site: 12,622!
  • March 16 - Well I am hoping that this Web site of 234 pages is cleared of all dead links (for now). SiteLevel.Com has identified 45 dead links and I have fixed all of them. This is not too bad considering there are probably thousands of links. Of course, things on the Net change by the minute.
  • March 15 - Public Health E-News #19 has gone out to 122 subscribers! I am also proud to report that the Federal Statistics Web page will be part of the Institute of Paralegal Education's Internet Strategies Manual!!!
  • March 9 - Find all the Web site Health-related Search Engines on one page. Find your answers straight off this page. Also, the March Stats are up!
  • March 3 - 13,025 is the total number of hits for February! Thanks so much for visiting! Web site poll statistics are up. To date, 3,121 responses have been recorded for the 10 polls on this Web site, or over 500 responses during February. It'll take me awhile to get the other stats up.
    There are 5 site maps for this Web site. However, it seems that only the main Site Map gets used. Therefore, I have developed a Site Map navigation bar that will appear on all the 5 site map pages so you can get around all the site maps. Here it is:

    Site Map Navigation

    Main Site Map Links to sister sites, main home pages, main index pages, main subject pages
    Site Map A Links to academic pages, annotated bibliographies, biostatistics/statistics pages
    Site Map B Links to public health pages, SCSU Thesis/Special Project documents and forms, SCSU Public Health Alumni Pages - MPH Accreditation Committee, Scholarship Committee, Service Committee (Mentor, Speaker Programs) pages MPH Alumni Record - Main, Accomplishments, Presentations, Professional organizations, Programs & Projects, Teaching, Written Works pages
    Site Map C Cool & Useful sites, Web site documents, Job Search pages

    Please let me know if this works for you.

  • February 15 - Public Health E-News #18 is out! The biggest issue ever. This has become a monthly challenge for me to keep up with what's going on in the world of Public Health. I am pleased to see new subscribers join weekly from all over the world! With this issue I have announced my new Women's Health Page and consider this my latest labor of love. Finally, you should be able to find the best Net sources around for women's health issues, all in one place! Let me know what you think. Also, you get a chance to disclose your age - anonymously on the latest Web poll on this site. This will help me tailor this page. Thanks.
  • February 14 - Hi! Welcome! I finally got the Web Statsup, and all the Site Maps have been updated as well. Too bad this is a short month, I have to do this again in another 2 weeks. I had a chance to update some of the visitor pages, like Schools. I am so pleased to see so many schools visiting. It makes me feel good that it appeals to kids (in all of us as well). I also updated the college and university pages, but it will take me awhile to get to the government pages (both US and international), and I'm going to die doing the nonprofit organizations. The healthcare systems can probably use a page of their own. So, please be patient. Remember, this is supposed to be my hobby. I have a job that keeps me plenty busy. However, I have added a number of links from the Public Health E-Newsletter which will be going out on the 15th.
  • February 2 - Are you enjoying this Web site without all the ads???? January's total hits - 10,864 - the highest ever. Thanks for visiting!
    Just when I thought I was all caught up with changes, I discovered that my Webring codes have been de-activated. That's because Webring decided to entirely free itself from Yahoo! (Thanks for telling me.) Anyway, I have recoded all the public health pages on this Web site that are part of the Public Health Webring - all 54. Now you can enjoy surfing all the pages using the Webring Navigation Bar at the bottom of all the Webring pages. You'll surf on to other sites that are part of the Webring as well. Go to the Home Page and start your journey. There is a total of 64 pages/sites. By the way, I am the Public Health Webring Master. And, at times like these I feel like I am very much part of a three-ring circus....
  • January 25 - Welcome to what will be my permanent address on the Net :! Yes, after many warnings of overusing the allotted bandwidth for free sites, I have finally caved and paid for a domain name and web hosting by Geocities. Once again, you are free to visit 24/7! Thanks for your interest and visiting and making it worthwhile for me to invest time and $ in having a "popular" Web site.
  • January 22 - Alas! Another semester has begun. The PCH 594 - Special Project Seminar II Syllabus is now on line.
  • January 20 - A translation program is now available on a number of pages. You can view pages or portions of text in one of 8 languages other than English.
  • January 19 - Coming soon - A Women's Health Page.....
  • January 8 - Happy New Year! Poll statistics are up, as are all the Web site Stats. The tracking codes have been updated on all the pages, and hope you like the new header! Thanks for visiting the Web site.

  • December 15 - Hi, started a little early in preparation for a new year that should prove to be quite busy. Tracking codes on all pages have been updated, as well as all headers/footers. You will have access to the new Terms of Service/Privacy Page on all pages. I have deleted all the old syllabi from the Web site. Only the current and the immediate previous syllabi will be available. This will save me having to update all these pages that are not accessed that much. Happy new year!
  • December 12 - Public Health Jobs Electronic Newsletter #3 just went out with 92 jobs and 17 internships. At this rate, this newsletter will be going out about every 5 days. Check out stats on the Job Search Index Page
  • December 9 - Hello. I am going to be busy updating all the pages with a new tracking code. I am hoping to get done by the year's end. However, I will update pages when I can. Thanks.
  • December 5 - Public Health Jobs Electronic Mailing List #2 goes out - with 97 job listings and 18 internships. I was going to send these out once a month, but I will send these out when I get about 100 job listings. So, it will be irregular mailings. This is turning out to be quite popular. Subscribe and find out what's out there.
  • December 2 - Check out Poll Statistics Page for December's statistics. To date, there are 9 polls on this Web site, and there has been a total of 1,734 votes submitted, of which 221 came in during November. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to express your view, etc. If you haven't participated, why not? You can view the tabulated results immediately after you vote!
  • December 1 - Public Health Jobs Electronic Mailing List #1 goes out - with 127 job listings and 38 internships.
  • November 26 - Public Health Jobs E-list Commences
  • November 23 - I've cleaned up all the links on the CT Public Health Page, Public Health Jobs Page, General Job/CT Job Search Page,Specific Job Search Page, Careers Page, Epidemiology Sites A - L, Epidemiology Sites M - Z, Public Health Documents, Healthy People 2020. As Dorothy would say,"People come and go around here so fast!"
    E-News #15 makes it off my computer and onto the Net. The biggest issue yet.
  • November 15 - I would like to thank all the visitors who have made this Web site so popular that Geocities.Com had to shut it down November 7-9 to keep it within the bandwidth allowed for "free" Web sites. Last month the Web site garnered 9,331 hits. Of course, I encourage you to continue to come and visit, and if it's down, it's only temporary. I will continue to maintain this 2 year old Web site on an avocational basis. I still believe the Internet should be available for the free exchange of ideas and information. I enjoy the freedom to include the content I consider worthy of credible information for those who seek it, and appreciate your confidence in me to provide it.
  • November 12 - I have added additional links to the APA Format Page that address changes from the 5th Edition that came out over the summer. I have also added some comments as well.
  • November 3 - The Web site stats for October are now available. Thanks for 9,331 hits in one month! Highest ever. Just when I thought things were settling down, it will now take me longer to compile the monthly stats. Webtrendslive.Com has cut back its services so that I will have accurate pages counts for only the top 100 pages (~45% of the Web site). Therefore, the total hits for the entire Web site will be correct, but page counts for the rest of the Web site's pages will be undercounts. Geocities.Com does provide some stats. However, when comparing the two, there was NO agreement to the counts for the 100 pages for which I had counts from both services, although Geocities systematically undercounted! I know this is of little interest to most (the statistically terrified and challenged...), but statheads will know exactly what I mean.
  • October 28 - As if there isn't enough things to worry about, now we have to deal with hoaxes, etc - an unfortunate fallout from the 9/11/2001 tragedy. To stay on even keel, check out Urban Legends - Netlore - Terrorists Attacks on US to find out what's real and what's not. (Thanks, Narda)
  • October 26 - I have added 2 polls. One you get to declare your MBTI on the Personality Page - everything you ever wanted to know about Myers-Briggs. The second poll allows you to guess this Webmaster's temperament on the Temperament Page - which provides links to everything about Keirsey's 4 Temperaments. I developed these pages as part of a series of Web pages devoted to jobs and careers, and they are all listed on the Job Index page. To find a satisfying job, I think it's important to "know thyself."
  • October 17 - Now I feel like a "real" Webmaster when I get e-mails asking if the server was down. Yes, it was for a few hours today. I have no control over such things. Of course, I was fearing the worse, given the sign of our times. And I still have to go "Netchessing". From the can-you-believe-this department -I had to relocate my Public Health Webring. This has been the most painless and easiest move of all. I could just do it through a link. You won't notice any difference in how the webring functions. After a short but "unhappy marriage" - Webring leaves Yahoo and goes solo. How and why they got together in the first place is beyond me. Anyway, I dread saying anything more about playing Netchess. I may still be a reluctant player, and at the rate I'm going may make grandmaster will very little effort... ;)
  • October 15 - Public Health E-News #14 goes out, on time, marking the first anniversary of this electronic bulletin. I am happy to report that subscribers are from around the world. Thanks for your interest.
  • October 14 - Anthrax Information - To avoid hysteria, I have compiled 10 credible links to Anthrax Information on my Public Health Sites Page dealing with Infectious Disease. APA Format Information Page has been added to address the changes to the APA Writing Style in its 5th Edition. This will allow me to note pertinent changes that I will be expecting my students to incorporate into their proposals.
  • October 13 - The Biostatistics/Statistics Page has been revamped in response to polling results. Two new pages have been been added, Statistical Procedures and Statistical Software. These 3 pages will allow me to expand in the directions dictated by who visits these pages. Thanks for the input. You can let me know if it's more accessible the way I've reorganized the links.
  • October 7 - My latest lecture for University of Pittsburgh's Supercourse is available at: A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - Part VII - Epidemiologic Research Designs: Demographic, Mortality & Morbidity Studies. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.
  • October 3 - I hope I'm not sounding like a broken record, but I had to move 2 of my sister Web sites because Homestead.Com has cut back its free services. Talking about feeling like a vagabond... You can now find Public Health USA at Public Health USA with Freeservers. I also had to put Betty C. Jung at Betty C. Jung with Freeservers. Public Health USA is ready for visitors, but the other one is seriously under construction. I don't think I have anymore things to move around on the Net. Maybe I can stop playing Netchess now.
  • October 3 - Definitely check out the Web site Search Engine Page . It includes not only the most popular search engines on the Net, all on one page, but health-related specialty search engines as well. The latest edition is Pharma-Lexicon.Com's Medical Acronym Dictionary and Medical Article Search. If you can't find it on this page, well, maybe it's just not on the Net!
  • The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has produced a number of information sheets to help children through tough times. Their Talking with Children & Adolescents After a Traumatic National Event is an excellent resource in providing guidance for adults who want to help children get through the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11. You can find other links to help children deal with this horrific event on my Kids' Health Links Page.
    My condolences to all who have been touched by the 9/11 senseless tragedy.
  • September 15 - The Public Health E-News Bulletin #13 actually made it off my computer and onto the Net!
  • September 13 - The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has produced a number of information sheets to help children through tough times. Their Talking with Children & Adolescents After a Traumatic National Event is an excellent resource in providing guidance for adults who want to help children get through the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11. You will also be able to access their Web site for other helpful resources as well.
  • September 11 - My condolences to all who have been touched by the 9/11 senseless tragedy.
    I have added 4 links to help children deal with this horrific event on my Kids' Health Links Page
  • September 9 - The Fall, 2001 PCH 593 Syllabus is now online. See you the 11th - TE 1.
  • September 2, 2001 - I have revamped all the Special Project Guideline Pages: Guidelines for Sections 1 & 2, and Section 3 is now in 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2, as well as guidelines for Sections 4 & 5 for those who want to know what they will be doing next year.
  • September 1 - I have revamped the Thesis & Special Project Seminar Resource Page - you should be able to find everything you need for these graduate courses, including all the forms that have to be filled out. The supplemental PCH 593 syllabus will be up shortly.
  • August 3 - A nasty worm (SirCam Worm) is being unleashed over the Net.
  • August 2 - I have removed the Citeline search engine off 22 pages from this Web site. What used to be free would now cost $3000.00. Don't have that kind of money. And, you can still get good information from a host of free sites. You can still find what you need from any of a number of search engines on my Web site Search Engines Page
  • July 15 - Here's still another poll on the Biostatistics & Statistics Page. Tell me what you do so I have a better idea of who's using this page. I would like to expand the page, and I can use some input. Thanks! Have fun! (No longer available, 6/2004 - as I am creating this page, but keeping it for historical purposes)
  • July 15 - Here's another poll for you to complete. Public Health E-News has gone out to subscribers since October, 2000. I would like to make sure the content meets what the audience wants. Help me decide (as I wade through over 30 newsletters, etc.) what to include. You can only pick one topic at a time, but vote as many times as you want. This will give me an idea of what areas to concentrate on. The poll can also be found on the E-News Index Page and the Interactive Index Page (no longer available). Thanks for your input!
  • July 3 - Though I don't usually comment on the Web site Stats, I decided to for June, which was definitely an outlier month. The total of 7,077 hits for one month is phenomenal, considering May's total was 4,529. It should be noted that some "man or machine" went a little crazy on June 21st with over 1400 hits to one particular page! However, removing this crazy day would mean the month's total would still be 1000 more hits than May. So, maybe the move to Geocities was a good move, although I hope I don't have to move again anytime soon. I appreciate your visits!
  • June 30 - ListBot.Com is going under, as of August 20, 2001. I will be using EGroups/Yahoo as the listserv for the "new and improved" Public Health E-Newsletter, which I started 10 months ago to speed up communications for the Public Health Alumni Chapter. Since then, the newsletter has subscribers from all over the world, from a variety of work settings, not just SCSU public health alumni. So, I have taken this opportunity to change the focus of the newsletter to a "world-wide" perspective. It remains totally devoted to Public Health, and you can subscribe from any of 30 Web pages on this Web site. The newsletter goes out the 15th of every month and covers a wide range of public health topics that would be of interest to any public health practitioner, regardless of where you work. And, you can subscribe from this Web page - see below. Thanks!
  • June 29 - Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Be rest assured that Change continues to rule the Web. By the middle of July, all 3 of my Intranets will be gone (sorry, guys, but less work for me!). I will come up with some alternative ways to keep the connections going. I will keep you informed of how changes will impact this Web site. Ever since February, I have done nothing but try to keep up with all the changes. Fortunately, many companies give me some time (don't forget this is supposed to be a hobby). Never a dull moment. But, you can join me for the ride...
  • June 15 - Hot news - HCFA (Healthcare Financing Administration) is undergoing restructuring. It will become the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You can get to this site on my Public Health Data - Health Insurance Page and the Government Stats Page. This is a major change, somewhat along the lines of AHCPR turning into AHRQ. And, E-News #10 goes out, amazingly.
  • May 27 - Available on my Research Resources on the Net Page is a link to the Integrity in Research Database. You can search out researchers and non-profits with links to industry, which may cause conflicts of interest. This is a great service since it is important that Research, to be credible, remain untainted. I've also added 52 new links on this page to Research Resources (6/6)- don't miss it!
  • May 15 - E-News #9 makes it off my computer. Now recruiting public health alumni and public health professionals who would like to be a Net Mentor. If you are interested - it's a one year commitment. Check out specifics on the Service Page.
  • May 12 - Ok, all the pages have been recoded so I can still get my statistics, and you can check them out on my Web Statistics Page I had to move my pictures from Photopoint. They are now with Picture Trail. Go to Picturetrail.Com and type in bcjung. Have fun.
  • April 28 - 600 colleges and universities from around the US and World as well as a variety of research and government institutions have visited this Web site. I am honored and pleased that so many have found this Web site useful. Thanks!
  • April 22 - This Web site is now listed by the Open Directory Project as a credible source of public health information in their Public Health and Safety Directory. Close to 100 Web sites around the world use Open Directory Project's directories. This is a great honor for any Web site, but especially for a personal Web site.
  • April 16 - dieoffs. Yes. Unfortunately this is still continuing. As a result, I am in the process of moving my photos from Photopoint. I will set up my photo studio with Picture Trail.Com. Hopefully, this one will last longer. Also, due to changes in services, I will be busy recoding all 200 pages with a new Webttrendslive code for tracking my pages. Never a dull moment, especially on the Net. I hate to think what's next...
  • April 15 - Public Health Chapter E-News #8 goes out, amazingly.
  • April 1 - CDC sets you straight! Yes, I am happy to see CDC has taken a lead role in debunking all the health misinformation that is really rampant, thanks to instantaneous transmission over the net. Check out CDC's Current Health Related Hoaxes & Rumors Page on my Consumer Health Index Page, Consumer Health General Information Page, Health Professional Resources on the Net Page, and Useful Sites Page!
  • March 18 - I put all the move stats, etc. in the Web site Cellar, along with Campaign 2000 and Olympics 2000 links.
  • March 17 - The Public Health Web Ring is now up and running once again. By using the Web ring's Navigation Bar, you will be able to surf all of my Public Health Pages, plus a few others that are part of the ring - 48 pages in all. Try it - it's fun!And,you can get the Northernlight MetaSearch Engine on this Web site on the Web site Search Engines Page
  • March 15 - E-News Bulletin #7 went out on time (surprisingly). Do subscribe if you want to keep up with what's going on. Only about a tenth of what I wade through makes it to the bulletin. Think of all the time you save...
  • March 12 - Hi, this Web site bears this image of the Internet Content Rating Association. This means there is no sexual content,nudity, violence or foul language on this site. You can share it with your parents or kids.
  • March 10 - Hi, Statheads, the February Web sites statistics are posted. They are a little screwed up because of the move. The March numbers should be better, however, the Home.Beseen.Com Web site went down 3/8. Visits are off, as expected. About 3/4s of my visitors come by way of search engines, which have been notified, but may take a couple of weeks before they kick back in. Ah, the trials of moving! The next project is recoding all the Public Health Pages for the Public Health Web Ring. Only the Home Page has been recoded so far, only 44 left to go!
  • March 4 - You can start checking for new stuff here. I am beginning to add and update - most notably - Epi Forums - a series of message boards devoted to the ongoing discussion of Epi Info 6, Epi Info 2000, and EpiData.
  • The Move (February, 2001) (From Home.Beseen.Com to Geocities)

    3/04/01 Welcome to Betty C. Jung's Web site at Geocities!

    March 4 - I am now actively working on this site!

  • February 23 - All done! 198 Web pages have been transferred. The Web site is ready! I pray I don't have to do this again any time soon.
    198 (100.0%) of 198 Web pages are now here!
  • Graphical Depiction of Total Pages Transferred (for the numerically challenged and the graphically gifted)

    10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60 70% 80% 90% 100%

  • When and What's Now On the Geocities Web site:
    • February 14, 2001 - 135 graphic files
    • February 15, 2001 - Index page
    • February 16, 2001 - Main Home Pages (Academic, Annotated Bibliography, Cool & Useful, Health Info, Job Search, MPH Alumni Record Site Map, Public Health, SCSU, Web site Search Engines); Main Subject Index Pages (Consumer Health Index, Cool & Useful Sites Index, Epidemiology Sites Index, Dr. L. Jung) (n=14)
    • February 17, 2001 - Main Subject Index Pages (Kids Index, MCH Index, Public Health Data Index, Public Health A to Z Index, SCSU E-News 2000-2001 Index, SCSU Public Health Chapter Index, Search Engines Index, Storage Index, Web Resources Index); Documents (Archives (old Web stats), Copyright Page, Dead Link Brigade, FAQ, FAQ2, Job Posting Rules, Healthy People 2010 11.4 Statement, Quality of Information on this Web site, Resume, Site Map, Site Map 1, Site Map 2, Visitor's Survey) (n = 23)
    • February 18, 2001 - Documents (Web site Statistics, What's New (July - September, 2000), What's New (October - December, 2000); Job Search Pages (Career, General Job Searches, Public Health Jobs Sites, Specific Job Searches, State Personnel Sites); Public Health Sites (Biostatistics & Statistics Sites; Children with Special Health Care Needs Sites, Connecticut Public Health Resources (n=11)
    • February 19, 2001 - Public Health Sites (Consumer Health Info - General Info; Consumer Health Info - Disease-specific Info; Episites A-L; Episites M-Z; Family Health; Health Education Resources; Healthy People 2010; Koo Sar - MMWR Article; Koosar Net; Maternal Child Health; Public Health Continuing Ed Opportunities; Public Health Data A to Z (3 pages); Public Health Documents; Public Health Practice; Public Health Sites A to Z (6 pages); Public Health Search Engines); Academic (Computer Skills for Health Professionals; Grant Resources; Pch 496; Pch 590-93) (n = 28)
    • February 20, 2001 - Public Health Alumni Chapter Web site (Phacstats, Danny Gonsalves Scholarship Description & Recipients, Undergrad and Grad E-Mail Registries, Public Health Alumni Mentor Directory, Alumni Speakers' Bureau documentation) (n=14)
    • February 21, 2001 - Rest of Public Health Alumni Chapter Web site pages (Public Health Alumni Mentor documentation, MPH Alumni Surveys, MPH Survey Class Representation Stats, Chapter Web site Activities Page, Events Page, Test Page)
    • February 22, 2001 - All of the MPH Alumni Record; Annotated Bibliographies (Academe, Biostats) (n=25)
    • February 23, 2001 - All right. It is all done. All the academic files, annotated bibliography files and the cool & useful files were prepped and uploaded (n=66). Geocities is now open for "business".
  • February 23 - Yes, the Web site has settled in with Geocities Yahoo! I am hoping I won't have to pick up and move again for awhile. I estimated that it took an average of 15 minutes PER page for this move (x 198 pages). I'll let you do the math.
  • February 15 - E-News #6 went out as scheduled (amazingly).
  • February 13 - Beseen.Com calls it quits (no wonder I've been having trouble with the server). Betty C. Jung's Web site takes up residence on Geocities Yahoo! Server.
  • February 9 - You can find a link to the "Estimate Your Breast Cancer Risk Tool" Site from Public Health Sites T - Z: Women's Health, and Useful Sites
  • February 7 - Hello again. Please stand (or sit) by, as I do battle with hi-tech. I finally killed the virus, so my computer is okay for now. (By the way, do not believe them when they tell you that just recovering your hard drive does not mean formatting. What is means is, it doesn't totally wipe out your hard drive, just anything that is Windows-based.) I've been having some problems with the server, but I think that's okay for now. I revamped the Home Page, just for a change so I can add on some new icons. And, the Web statistics for January are up, for the statistically obsessed (and I thought I was the only one).
  • January 29 - Have had some problems with a very nasty , or, maybe a whole colony of them. So, if you see any weird stuff on my site, let me know. Thanks! By the way, you don't have to worry about catching the virus from visiting the Web site.
  • January 15 - E-News Bulletin #5 has gone out (incredibly). Subscribe now from The Public Health Chapter Home Page
  • Because of the rapid die-off in free ISPs, I have been having a hard time getting on-line. Please stand (or, sit) by, I am still updating the site when I have the opportunity. In fact, today, I've added some 20 links to various pages. If you know of any good ISPs, let me know. Thanks!

  • December 26 - Everyone's talking about Public Health Competencies. What's your view on this? Pick the most important competency, and then view the results to see how others have voted on the Public Health Practice Page. And, if you like polls, see who else visits this site while you say who you are on the Site Map Index Page
  • December 26 - If you have a Web site specializing in some aspect of Public Health, join the Public Health Yahoo! Webring, of which I am Ring Master (this sounds worse than Web master!) This way, surfers can go to a series of sites solely devoted to Public Health. Right now, if you get on the Public Health Web Ring Box usually situated at the bottom of my Public Health-related pages, you will get taken to all the other pages that are part of the ring. It's a cool way to see it all!
  • December 13 - E-News Bulletin #4 came out 12/15/00. This one is packed. Subscribe now from The Public Health Chapter Home Page
  • November 28 - If you are looking for a job in Public Health, this site is the place to come. To help me customize the Public Health Jobs Page even more, I am asking visitors to tell a little bit about themselves, their Educational Preparation, and the Area of Public Health Practice they are interested in. I will use this information to search for links. Thanks ahead. By the way, I had to put these polls on different pages because I can't have too many javascripts running on one page without screwing up the codes (I found this out the hard way) Get the latest news automatically sent to you!!! Join online on the Betty's Home Page, and the Public Health Chapter Home Page
  • October 28 - Hi. In case you have been experiencing some problems with a few of the pages, it's because I was updating the site on another computer in Maryland over the 10/21 weekend. Somehow those pages I updated got corrupted and I lost parts of some pages. I have re-constructed a number of them. If you come across any strange looking pages, please E-mail me and let me know! I'll list you on my Deadlink Brigade Page! Thanks!
  • October 28 - If you have a Web site specializing in some aspect of Public Health, join the Public Health Yahoo! Webring, of which I am Ring Master (this sounds worse than Web master!) This way, surfers can go to a series of sites solely devoted to Public Health. Right now, if you get on the Public Health Web Ring Box usually situated at the bottom of my Public Health-related pages, you will get taken to all the other pages that are part of the ring. It's a cool way to see it all!
  • October 14 - Everyone's talking about Public Health Competencies. What's your view on this? Pick the most important competency, and then view the results to see how others have voted on the Public Health Practice Page. And, if you like polls, see who else visits this site while you say who you are on the Site Map Index Page


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