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state death causes
Graphic source:

Crime Statistics

Fraud by state
Graphic source:

Economic Statistics

Financial Stats, by generation
Graphic source:

American Wealth
Graphic source:

Economic Statistics - Income & Retirement

Hourly wage to afford a 2-bedroom home
Graphic source:

American Money Worries May 2017
Graphic source:

Education Statistics

Public School Ranking by State

Source: WalletHub

Elementary School Teacher Salaries
Graphic source: <> MS Teacher Salaries
Graphic source: HS Teacher Salaries
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Federal Poverty Guidelines

Health Statistics Sites

Population Statistics - US Census

Median Age Per State
Graphic source:

Generation Definitions
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Generation Births
Graphic source:

Generations defined
Graphic source:

Generations Marriage
Graphic source:

Generations Race and Ethnicity
Graphic source:

Diversity in America
Graphic source:

US Population 5/2017
Graphic source:

Graphic source:

Graphic source:

Population Cohorts
Graphic source:

US Census July 2013 Population Estimates
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Public Health Statistics


WHO Aging World
FONT SIZE=1> Graphic source: WHO

Aging world
Graph source:

Aging USA
Graph source:

Marriage and Divorce in America
Graphic source:

DHDS: Disability and Health Data System. /

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