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Research Resources on the Internet

Biostatistics/Statistics Evaluation Health Education
Information Quality Research Web site Quality


Best Practices

Classification Codes - Health

Classification Codes - Mental Health

Clinical Trials

Conflicts of Interest

Data Collection

Data Presentation (Charting & Graphing Data)
Data Saavy

Evaluation Resources on the Net

Healthcare Quality
Health Statistics
Information Quality
Informed Consent (Thanks to Patti Hackett of Healthy & Ready to Work National Center for compiling these)

Levels of Research Evidence

Scientific Evidence
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Medical Article Search

Uncited Research
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Medical News Reporting

Medical News Criteria
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Medical News Scores
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Needs Assessment

Online Research

Outcome, Process, Structure

Performance Indicators

Performance Measurement


Qualitative Research Resources

Quantitative Research Resources

Research Design
True Findings
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Research Ethics/Integrity
Research Reproducibility
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Research Practices
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Questionable Research Practices

author and citation manipulation
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questionable research practices
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Retraction Reasons
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Research ethics
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Research Methods

Research Protocols

Research Resources

Research Tools

Search Engines Index
Sleeping Beauties

Statistical Resources
Survey Research

Best data collection method
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Survey Response Rates

Systematic Reviews and Resources

Writing Resources on the Net

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