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teen brain
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Resources - By Topic for Chapters 6 - 11

CH 6 - Contraception and Abortion

Prevent Teen Pregnancy —

CH 7 - The Use and Abuse of Psychoactive Drugs

Drug side effects

Prescription Drug Use
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ADHD: I know the symptoms.

Areas of the brain affected by marijuana smoking.


CH 8 - Alcohol and Tobacco


Drunk driving

Liver function and alcohol
(Graphic from The Liver Center)

Brain function and alcohol
(Graphic from University of North Carolina)

CDC Binge Drinking
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The Message from the Lungs (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) from Bbdo Proximity Thailand on Vimeo.

Smoking Causes Heart Disease and Stroke Smoking Causes Cancer 2nd Hand Smoke Affects Non-smokers Smoking Harms Babies

Cat video vs smoking urge

Smokers lungs
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11 minutes shorter
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Exercise helps teen boys quit smoking

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Pack Mentality
Enlarged Graphic
Graphic source: graphic
Lung function and smoking (Graphic from - Fletcher and Peto)

Health Effects of Smoking

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Tobacco effects on the brain

Tobacco effects on aging

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CH 9 - Nutrition Basics

Sugar Content, Counted as Cubes of Sugar
Eating Wisely

Swap for health
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AAP Food Additive Recommendations
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Food Additives
Graphic source:

Sugar content #1

Sugar content #2

Eating wisely

Glycemic Index
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1 hr post-bigmac
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Nutrition 101
Graphic source:

Graphic source:

Glycemic Index

Coke Effects
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Meat in foods
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Water good for you!
Water is good for you!

Side effects of soda
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CH 10 - Exercise for Health and Fitness

In just 6 months
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CH 11 - Weight Management

portion size
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