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COVID-19 AKA 2019 Novel Coronavirus; 2019-nCoV

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COVID-19 Pandemic

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Visualization Sites

COVID-19 Research Information

Strategic Planning for Reopening the U.S.

CDC Reopening Guidance

CDC Guidance

Reopening Issues

Second Wave Plans

Government Response
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Epidemiology of COVID-19

COVID-19 Outbreak

US early spread
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Timeline Comparing the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreaks

SARS and COVID-19 Timeline
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Comparison SARS and nCoV
Graphic Source: NY Times Graphic, via @FelicityCarus #MackayIM

COVID-19 Outbreak Trends

Percentage of emergency department (ED) visits for COVID-19-like illness (CLI), in 14 counties (three in California and Washington [A]; four in Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Michigan [B]; and seven in New York [C]) -National Syndromic Surveillance System, February 1-April 7, 2020

U.S. coronavirus outbreak
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Outbreak Pace
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countries in danger
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How to beat covid
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Estimated Prevalence
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April 17, 2020 stats February 24, 2020 stats

Shifting Global Burden March 11, 2020
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The Search for Patient Zero

Zoonotic Origins

COVID-19 in Animals

Genomic Sequencing Characteristics

Sar2 genome
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Key Coronavirus proteins
Graphic source: Nature Briefing

COVID structure
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Case Definition

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing
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Disease Process

How Coronavirus Infects People
Graphic source: (Image credit: Nicholas Forder)

AGE WELL: On average, as this chart reveals, chronic diseases increase with aging, which makes the elderly more susceptible to COVID-19. This deadly combination is a stark reminder, again, of doing our best to stay healthy.

Age and comorbidities
Graphic course: Aging and the Epidemiology of Multimorbidity

Disease Statistics

Epidemic Curve of the Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Chinese CDC Report 2/24/2020 JAMA
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US cases
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Hospitalization Statistics

Death Statistics

COVID-19 deaths, including probable deaths
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Statistics Issues


COVID-19 Risk Factors

High Risk Factors
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Risk Factors
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COVID-19 Incubation Period

Incubation Period
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COVID-19 Symptoms

CDC Signs and symptoms
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Updated CDC COVID-19 symtom list (4/27/2020)

CDC COVID-19 symptom list April 27, 2020
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Loss of Smell

Loss of Smell
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COVID-19 Transmission

Reproduction Number

R-naught - the theory R-naught - the reality of superspreaders
R naught Superspreaders


superspreader Ro
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Reich and colleagues show that even for the same "R," transmission rate, on average, infections can rise faster with a higher "gamma," the measure of how many "degrees" of contacts a person in the society has -- the super-spreaders.

Reproduction Number
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R effective
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Transmission Over Time

Fomite Transmission

COVID on surfaces
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According to researchers at Rocky Mountain Laboratories, some viral particles remain viable up to four hours on copper, twenty-four hours on cardboard, and seventy-two hours on plastic and stainless steel, though the number of viable particles begins to decrease within minutes.

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Hand Dryer Concerns

====================================== =====================================

Person to Person Transmission

Saliva chart
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Where Not to Sit on the Plane
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Transmission by stage of infection
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Droplet Spread
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Subway spread
Determining the necessary spacing for effective social distancing, such as for riders in a subway car, can affect the extent of disease transmission. The shaded circle (top) shows the number of people who could be directly infected by droplets from a sick person.
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Closed Space transmission
Graphic source: Graphic shows how coronavirus spreads through air (Image credit University of Oregon)

Funeral community tranmission
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China Restaurant
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Asymptomatic/Pre-symptomatic Transmission


Superspreader Events (SSEs)

CDC - Korean Call Center - Blue = infected with COVID-19

CDC-Korean Caller Center
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Church spread
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Austria superspreader
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Korea superspreader
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Reich and colleagues construct graphs of people in their various states of infection and the like among people, to simulate how COVID-19 spreads. Caption from the article: "Contact tracing. Some share of the neighbors of a node which tests positive are traced and tested themselves." Reich et al. 2020

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This graph shows how an epidemic might spread across a network over time. Blue dots are susceptible individuals, while red dots are infected people. Two dots are connected by a line if they are in contact with each other, and the more contacts a person has, the bigger their dot is on the network. Author provided

Infected people are red nodes, and susceptible people are blue. The large node in the middle of the diagram is a super-spreader, a person who connects with many others, and thus has more potential to spread the disease.

Documented Spreader Events
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Video source:
The farther the better

Timeline of events and symptom onsets, by day of investigation, in a cluster of COVID-19 likely transmitted at two family gatherings — Chicago, Illinois, February–March 2020

============================================= ==============================================

Molecular and Serologic Testing

Covid Test types
Graphic source: Testing intepretation
Graphic source:

WHO case defintion
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FDA Testing Priority
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Risk-based Testing
Created 5/11/2020 by Betty C. Jung. Posted on Twitter

Risk-based Testing
Created 3/20/2020 by Betty C. Jung. Posted on Twitter


Herd Immunity and COVID-19
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Vaccine Development

Vaccine Development
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Vaccine Development
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Vaccine mechanisms
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COVID-19 Testing Issues

April 8, 2020 testing status
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COVID-19 Testing by Country
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General Prevention Measures

VOX risk chart
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Home with COVID

wider health effects of lockdown
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March 2020
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Plane exposure NATGEO

  • Bus Spread
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  • Why new diseases keep appearing in China
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    Medical Management

    COVID pathophysiology
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    COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines (4/21/2020)

    Summary Recommendations
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    Mild or Moderate Covid-19
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    Caring for Critically Ill
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    COVID-19 therapeutics
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    Convalescent Plamsa
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    COVID19 Disease Progression
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    Ventilator Talking points
    Graphic source: What You Should Know Before You Need a Ventilator

    Graphic source:

    Remote Management
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    COVID-19 Primary Care
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    Cases by agegroups
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    Future of COVID-19 care
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    Treatment Guidelines

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    General Issues

    Acute Respiratory Failure

    COVID-19 in Children


    Health Services Issues

    COVID-10 AMI
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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ============================================================ =========================================

    Potential Treatments

    Candidate Therapies
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    Disinformation, Misinformation, Myths

    misinformation sources
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    Public Health Issues


    Unintended Consequences & Unforeseen Issues

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    normal returns
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    normal returns
    Graphic source:

    normal returns
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    CO2 declines
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    Wuhan Cleaner air
    Graphic source:

    Cleaner air in 3 months
    Graphic source:

    Clearer Air
    Graphic source:

    Wuhan Clean Air
    Graphic source:

    India emissions down
    Graphic source:

    Emissions down


    Stay at home festival


    General Background Information

    History of Epidemics, Pandemics

    Economics and plagues
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  • Why we still don’t know how deadly this new coronavirus is Without the mortality rate, it’s hard to decide how to respond and prepare for a worsening outbreak. 2/2020


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    Microbe Scope 2016
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    Microbe Scope 2014
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    Do not travel to China
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    width=600 Alt="Outbreak Containment">
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    Coronavirus comparison
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